A Not So Valentiney Post

I completely despise myself as a person, but one of the very few traits that I pride myself on is my ability to hold myself back before jumping into anything.

It’s been a great advantage for me when it comes to the matters of the heart, since I’ve seen so many broken ones amongst my friends and loved ones.

Seeing them sad and pining for love taught me one thing.

To love myself before I gathered up the courage to try and love anyone else.

To love myself enough to have the ability to despise myself for the things I know I should hate, and be okay with myself.

Love the little things about myself like my ability to hold myself back and not jump into things. (Deja Vu, amirite?)

Love myself enough that I don’t need anyone else to, before opening myself up to all the possibilities that relationships bring.

Being single has its perks too.

One of them is to discover just how independent one can be when they have to.

To discover the things about yourself to be proud of.

To discover the things about yourself that you shouldn’t be proud of.

Because you, my friend, are someone worth discovering.

Hope all you people , whether single or in a relationship (and all those for whom ‘it’s complicated’, because love is the most complex simple thing ever) have a great day today!

An Over Exaggerated Metaphor For Introspection

I fall back into a sea of blackness
My fingers sifting through a thousand strands,
A thousand memories , a thousand thoughts
And millions of things unsaid.
As I weave through the being that I am,
A paper heart ,as likely to bleed ink
As it is to burn.
A mind verging perpetually on collapse,
A million thoughts ,that intertwine,
Into a thousand strands that my fingers run through.
Veins pumping mercury,
Pumping dreams ,
Which my heart bleeds
Into a world where they might glow
Or poison the paper that makes them,
Just as I bleed silver and black ,
Onto the strands which I grip
Which bore into me as needles do
And I bleed onto them.
The darkness that permeates from my soul
Feels lighter from a mercurial heart,
Fists ,tired of bleeding onto themselves,
Pull out the strands
That bind them so.
The sea holds me no more
And I open my eyes again.